A dedicated recruitment purpose portal with intense Citywide Specialization with greater control to the recruiters with personalized customization and simple processes. Hyderabadwalkins.in avoids complex processes and non-specialized focus when compared to the top players in this industry, but retains the good reach to resource pool having integrated with the top social networking Portals like Face book, twitter etc.

Why did we create a new job portal?

Several Problems made us create Specialized Portals.

First, recruiters in organizations today must choose between Generalized job portals which are huge, Complex & Not specialized but have got good reach to resource pool, and few specialized walk-in sites; Specialized but with several limitations in terms of reaching the resource pool. Hyderabadwalkins.in mission is to combines the best of both: it’s highly specialized Citywide with a target reach to the resource pool.

Also, today’s popular Generalized Portals are at least ten years old. We feel a new approach is necessary to have the more specialized job boards with Intense Customization to add value to the recruiters’ efforts.

Guiding principles initiating the Citywide Specialized job boards.

In every respect, the thought of specialized job boards Created by thinking about how to make use of the space on web with more focused approach, adding more productivity and customization in organizing the Walk-in information Citywide. These portals are intended to feel like a dedicated recruitment purpose portals unlike other Generic Sites because of intense Citywide Specialization.

It emphasizes the need of using the Social networking in recruitment (some surveys reported Social Networking Communities playing a key role in helping the recruiting efforts - A one step process of sharing walk-in info to these communities is integrated on the site.

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